Physitag: interactive communications


Physitag utilizes smart technology for easier communication between students and instructors working in open,collaborative spaces.

Users are able to 'tag' objects within the work space using their Physitag app and phone cameras to leave pictures , messages, or recordings for the owner of the item.  When the receiving user comes in contact with the tagged object through attached touch sensors, the tagged content will be sent to the receiver's nearest screen device. 

It integrates communication into our lives seamlessly by making the process a part of something done daily, so we never miss an important notice or a message. 




This was a part of the 'Future Studio' project in which students were to envision what kind of new or existing technology would be present in future design studios.

I considered using technology such as video tracking, the process of locating a moving object (or multiple objects) over time using a camera, augmented reality, and object tagging (marking), similar to the concept found here.



Project Proposal & Final Presentation 


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