Lower 9 + 10

Each day a tour bus cruises the neighborhood showing visitors hurricane damage and poor living conditions. The people have become mere spectacles, dehumanized in the process. After Hurricane Katrina, the government abandoned this community

Lower 9&10: A Horror Story is a hand crafted book about the residents of Lower 9th Ward whose homes and lives were destroyed during the Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

The Lower 9th Ward was already under the pressure of gentrification along economic and racial isolation when the storm swallowed the area. After the disaster, the government neglected to give proper restoration support for the struggling community which restricted most residents from returning to their lives and homes. 

10 years later, victims still suffer from the trauma, aftermath of the catastrophe. It haunts them as they try to slowly rebuild the community on their own from the loss and the neglect.

 This is their real-life horror story. 

The main contents of this book is from "The Lower 9+10" , an episode of the public radio show This American Life.  I also found my sources from news articles and personal experiences found online.