Designer Biography: Alphonse Mucha


A series of spreads for the biography of the significant Art Nouveau designer, Alphonse Mucha. The project spanned from writing the biography itself to creating the grids for the print spreads, coding a corresponding responsive website, and mobile version of the site. The final spreads will be part of the Designers of History book in collaboration with my classmates.

I put emphasis on his most known works to his undermined sketches as well as his pattern design to the spreads but also to make them stand out when flipping through the book pages. Because Mucha stands at a point between the 'old-age' art and 'new-age' design, I tried to incorporate the classic and the quirky style he had. 


Print spreads


Website & Mobile


For the website and mobile, I focused on simple interactions and an aesthetic that is parallel to Mucha's illustrations. I want the information to stay consistent with the print pieces, so there were no additional images or text in the web/mobile site. 

To view the full interactive website, access link below:

(To view the mobile version, access through your phone or decrease your window width to less than 600px)

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